500 Miles If You Register Your Mileage Plus VISA for Text Messages

This appears to be for any Mileage Plus VISA, and there are a bunch of different ones out there.

Essentially, register to receive text messages and receive 500 miles.  I don’t believe this is targeted.  You’ll also receive text messages with bonus offers.  No idea if these will be valuable.  The ones that UA sends out with their TopGuest check-ins are pretty blah.

The terms say 6-8 weeks for the points to post, but it’s unclear if you need to stay registered that long.  I just signed up, so I have no idea how many texts I’ll get.  I generally find this type of stuff annoying, but I’ll bite to see what the text traffic is like.

Also, the link has been a bit wonky.  I went to post this a couple days ago but the link wasn’t working.  It seems to be working reliably now.


  1. It’s good with ANY Visa, not just MileagePlus-branded Visa cards. Not sure the juice is worth the squeeze…that’s a lot of transactional data tracking for a measly 500 miles.

    1. Jetsetr,
      Thanks for the clarification that all VISA cards work. I signed up with an MP Visa that I only use for United ticket purchases, so didn’t feel like I was giving them a ton of transactional data they didn’t already have, but I understand the concern.

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