Cheap Summer Flights To Europe From Both The East And West Coast

Cheap flights for summer travel (and through the end of the year) from major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Miami and more to a handful of European cities. A quick connection gets you anywhere else in Europe.

Cheap Flights To Hawaii And Hong Kong, Instant Hotel Status And The Cheapest Way To Move Your Stuff Cross-Country

The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about  in length.  Culled from over 100 blogs/authors I follow, some are passed along without comment, while I add my analysis to others.   This is your shortcut to find out what’s going on in the travel world without having to read dozens of travel blogs to get all the best info.

American Giving Away 10 Airline Tickets, Making BusinessExtrAA More Valuable

If you don’t have a BusinessExtrAA number, you should have one. There’s no cost and you earn extra points for purchases you influence along with earning miles. American Airlines is improving the program and giving away some free tickets to celebrate.

A Solid New Promotion for AAdvantage Members With a Business Extra Account

Are you an American Airlines AAdvantage member?  How about a Business Extra member? Business Extra is a program American has had around for quite some time.  16 years, to be exact (more on that in a minute).  Essentially, you apply for a Business Extra account to earn extra points when you fly on American Airlines.  It’s geared towards business travelers but works just fine for family members, friends, etc.  You enter your Business Extra number into any reservation to earn Business Extra points for those flights.  This is in addition […]

Always Register For Promotions!

I got an e-mail from one of my friends a few days ago.  She had just returned from an overseas trip and wanted to send me a quick note about the miles she earned for her trip.  It turns out she registered for the 200,000 mile bonus offer that oneworld carriers American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia offered this spring, and ended up arriving home to find out she’d earned an extra 20,000 miles because she booked a World Traveler Plus fare for her trip. Her total mileage earned for […]

200,000 Bonus Miles For 5 Flights As Part Of The American/British/Iberia Joint Venture

No doubt, this isn’t a slam dunk to 200,000 miles.  At 2 cents a piece, the miles are worth about $4,000, so it’s not a mileage run opportunity. But, if you have some travel scheduled on any of these joint venture airlines (American Airlines, British Airways or Iberia) between North America and Europe, this is a great bonus.       Registration (link here) is the easy part, the more difficult part is finding affordable coach tickets in Y, B or H fare classes, or cheap Business and First class […]

Finnair to Join The American Airlines/British Airways/Iberia Joint Venture

This is good, though not monumental news for American Airlines.  The joint venture (JV) with British Airways and Iberia helped them become more profitable by being able to coordinate their schedules.  As a result, certain routes, such as JFK-LHR, saw their frequencies even out between American Airlines and BritishAirways such that you can catch a flight on one of the two pretty much every hour in the evenings. Finnair is already a member of the oneworld alliance, but the JV will allow them to further coordinate schedules between the four […]

Another Comfortable Way To Europe? If Iberia Can Resolve Their Labor Issues, Another Way to Use AAdvantage Miles For Good Seats

Each to his own, but I always look for new ways to travel in comfort with my family.  American Airlines has carried me for a number of those trips, along with United, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines and a few others.  I’m loyal to American, so I’m always happy to see another option to use my AAdvantage miles for international business travel. I’ve always been fine with angled lie-flat seats in Business Class, but most frequent travelers hate them.  No question, I do sleep better on a completely lie-flat seat.  Who doesn’t? […]