200,000 Bonus Miles For 5 Flights As Part Of The American/British/Iberia Joint Venture

No doubt, this isn’t a slam dunk to 200,000 miles.  At 2 cents a piece, the miles are worth about $4,000, so it’s not a mileage run opportunity.

But, if you have some travel scheduled on any of these joint venture airlines (American Airlines, British Airways or Iberia) between North America and Europe, this is a great bonus.

Miles For


Miles For



Registration (link here) is the easy part, the more difficult part is finding affordable coach tickets in Y, B or H fare classes, or cheap Business and First class fares.

There’s also a British Airways version of this promo if you’re interested in earning Avios instead of AAdvantage miles.



  1. So would this be applicable if I changed my UK based BAEC account to a US address for the duration of the promo?

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