Always Register For Promotions!

I got an e-mail from one of my friends a few days ago.  She had just returned from an overseas trip and wanted to send me a quick note about the miles she earned for her trip.  It turns out she registered for the 200,000 mile bonus offer that oneworld carriers American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia offered this spring, and ended up arriving home to find out she’d earned an extra 20,000 miles because she booked a World Traveler Plus fare for her trip.

Her total mileage earned for her flight was 35,000 which means the bonus more than doubled her haul for the trip.  20,000 miles is almost enough for a saver award on American and enough for some of the discounted award offerings American has.

All because she clicked on a link to register for a promo she was pretty sure she wouldn’t take advantage of.  You just never know!

BTW, have you registered for Starwood’s current promo?  There’s still 45 days to earn extra points!


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