Office Depot’s New Gift Card Lineup Makes It A Bit Easier To Earn 5 Points Per Dollar On Amazon Purchases

The game of collecting miles and points has, like most things in life, easy parts and hard parts.  For people just getting started, I like to advise them to focus on the low hanging fruit.  For me, that’s usually cards like Chase Sapphire and Ink Bold.

One of the benefits I enjoy the most with Ink Bold is the 5 points per dollar you earn on all office supply purchases.  Because of the exceptional variety of gift cards available at your local Staples, Office Depot or Office Max, you can buy any number of every day purchases via that gift card wall you see at your local office supply store.

Home Depot, Nordstrom, iTunes, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Banana Republic, the list goes on.  Even some travel cards like Southwest Airlines.

One of my favorites is Amazon, since my wife manages to do a pretty good job spending money there.  Unfortunately, Staples is the only store in my area that carries Amazon gift cards.  And, they generally only carry $25 cards, and sometimes a small amount of $50 cards.  When Office Depot did away with larger value Visa and AMEX cards, the cards that they had left were of very little value to me, so I stopped shopping there.

I had to run into my local Office Depot today because I wasn’t anywhere near Staples. As I walked to the front counter to pay for my purchases, I saw this little fella wink at me.



Now, it’s easy peasy to get one card for any amount up to $500.  No more need to scratch the back off a bunch of cards.  If you’re already taking advantage of 5x points on Amazon purchases, it’s worth a stop at your local Office Depot to make bigger purchases easier.  If you’re not using your Ink Bold at your local office supply store to maximize your Amazon purchases, why not?

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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can one redeem Kindle gift cards on (coz I did NOT buy Kindle cards on the weekend on the assumption one cannot – although I cleaned out Office Max of the remaining 5 x $100 Amazon gift cards, using my Ink Bold of course ;))

    1. Not a stupid question. I read the back of this specific card and it did confirm you could load it directly to an Amazon account. I’ve bought one other variety of Kindle card that I load directly to Amazon as well. Don’t know if it’s true for all versions.

      Apple cards are same way. Might say App Store but works just fine on iTunes, etc.

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