Learn To Maximize Miles At The Next Frequent Traveler University

Tickets are on sale for a new type of Frequent Traveler University, the first Signature Event.  I’ve been speaking at FTU for quite a few years and I’m always meeting people who are learning new things.  The great part is that I always learn something new myself!  This time, the folks at FTU have put together a hybrid event that offers a combination of beginner and advanced sessions. The dates are April 29th to May 1st in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s a peek at what’s already on the docket: — Award […]

Ick, Boo! “Friendly” United Elite Upgrade and Award Inventory Gone From Expert Flyer

It was such a peaceful morning, too.  I just got a letter from Expert Flyer stating, in part: UA has told us that ExpertFlyer can no longer access UA’s upgrade or elite award inventory. It is our understanding that this is a universal policy at UA regarding access to this data. ExpertFlyer and UA continue to have an ongoing good faith dialogue that we hope will result in the future re-establishment of this information on ExpertFlyer. However, we have no choice but to honor their policy at this time. As […]

Mileage Run vs. Ignorance. Ignorance Wins! I Heart Choice Plus Fares

I’d say I do this at least once every two years, maybe as frequently as once a year.  Be honest, after you’ve read my recap, have you ever done the same? I had a mileage run scheduled for today.  I was running behind on re-qualification for American Airlines Executive Platinum status, the status I covet most.  So, I booked a quick same-day turnaround from IAD to LAX and back.  I was leaving around 10am, would be back at 10pm and would have wifi the whole day so plenty of time […]

Tools And Tricks: Seat Guru’s New iPhone App

It seems to be my theme this week to review useful travel apps.  I stumbled across ExpertFlyer’s iPhone app a couple of days ago and posted my thoughts. Then, this morning, I saw an article on Seat Guru’s new iPhone app.  A bit of background on SeatGuru.  It was started by someone I consider a good friend, Matt Daimler, who has gone on to found other successful companies.  He sold SeatGuru to TripAdvisor back in 2007.  For quite some time (IMO) things were status quo.  There was integration with TripAdvisor […]

Tools & Tricks: Testing Out The New Expert Flyer iPhone App

Navigating the world of points and miles is a complicated journey.  Every talented frequent traveler has a list of tools they use to help find the perfect flights.  I don’t pretend to be the preeminent expert on travel tools.  I have a basket I use consistently that have served me well over the years.  I’m a bit stuck in my ways but I’m always willing to look at a new tool. Expert Flyer is one of those tools I’ve been using for as long as I can remember.  And, while […]