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Learn To Maximize Miles At The Next Frequent Traveler University

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Tickets are on sale for a new type of Frequent Traveler University, the first Signature Event.  I’ve been speaking at FTU for quite a few years and I’m always meeting people who are learning new things.  The great part is that I always learn something new myself!  This time, the folks at FTU have put together a hybrid event that offers a combination of beginner and advanced sessions.

The dates are April 29th to May 1st in Las Vegas, NV.

Here’s a peek at what’s already on the docket:

— Award Booking on United Airlines and American Airlines
— Award Booking on Other Airlines (Delta, Alaska, Avios, and more)
— Getting Started with Miles and Points
— Using KVS Tool & Expert Flyer to Search for Fares and Availability (fare construction)
— What is it like to live in hotels full time?
— Finding Cheap Premium Fares
— Maximizing Miles + Points Credit Cards
— Introduction to Mileage Running: Costs and Benefits
— International Upgrade Methods and Strategies
— Using ExpertFlyer
— Live Award Bookings
— Advanced booking techniques for revenue tickets
— Non-traditional awards and miles

And, if you’re into manufactured spending, there’s a full-day add-on just covering that entire world.

I’ll be there, along with a host of other bloggers, including:

One Mile at a Time (both Ben Schlappig and Tiffany Funk)

Frequent Miler (Greg Davis-Kean)

Million Mile Secrets (Daraius Dubash)

Mommy Points (Summer Hull, aka my partner in crime)

The Forward Cabin (Jamie Larounis)

Rene’s Points (René de Lambert)

Bengali Miles Guru (Tahsir Ahsan )

Travel Summary (Omar Zaman)

Everything you need to register is located right on the Frequent Traveler University website.  Tickets are $199 for two days of seminars.  The all-access pass with the extra day of spending sessions added on is $249.


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