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Up To 9 Miles Per Dollar At Staples Today Only Through Mileage Plus Shopping Portal

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The Mileage Plus shopping portal is offering 4 miles per dollar today only on all purchases.

Up To 9 Miles per Dollar At Staples

If you’re purchasing using a Chase Ink Plus card that earns 5X on office supply purchases you can earn up to 9 miles/points per dollar on office supply purchases today.  Time to buy some pencils!


  1. Another click bait title. Title sounds like you can get 9 points through shopping portal. Nearly everyone already knows about the 5X chase card at staples. Why not add that into the title that you are including it? Oh, I know, to make more money off the clicks to your site. Well, when you get a reputation for doing these sneaky tricks, people stop clicking on whatever your title says, even when legitimate.

    1. fathiss, for what I earn per click, I don’t write titles to bait for clicks. And, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know about 5X at office supply stores. I don’t earn anything for referrals to that card, either, but it’s the strongest path for office supply purchases right now as you already know (but many don’t).

      Seriously, this blog isn’t to pay my mortgage or my kids’ dentist bills. It’s a labor of love, and if I calculated the hours I spent writing posts and answering questions, my hourly rate would be pretty abysmal. 🙂

      Just because there are other blogs that write click bait headlines every day doesn’t mean we all do. As to making the title longer? It’s already 10+ words. This isn’t rocket science, just trying to help people earn miles.

  2. “The Mileage Plus shopping portal is offering 4 miles per dollar today only on ALL purchases.” It’s 2x per your link and the standard exclusions apply. bait, fish, repeat. I wish I could get united miles at $.0033/mile this easily.

    1. Matt, not click bait, just mis-wording. If I meant to say 4X on everything, don’t you think I would have included that in the title instead of specifying Staples only? No conspiracy theories here. Fresh out of stock.

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