ExpertFlyer Showing Delta Inventory Again

ExpertFlyer is a service I’ve been using for quite a long time now.  As the name suggests, it’s something of an “expert” tool, but it’s applicable for many folks.

I use it frequently for both inventory alerts and seat alerts.  What does that mean in English?  It helps me find ways to use my miles by searching available inventory and notifying me when the right seat becomes available.

Ever book a flight and were annoyed when you’re only choice was a middle seat in the back?  Me, too.  Use ExpertFlyer to set up an alert to let you know when a better seat opens up!

ExpertFlyer became less useful a while back when the American, Delta and United removed at least some (and in cases, all) of their data from the platform, blocking users from being able to search for awards.  American brought their data back and United has been on again/off again for a while.  Now there’s news that most of Delta’s data is back up on ExpertFlyer.

According to the announcement, upgrade classes still aren’t available. But, this is definitely a plus for people looking to redeem Delta SkyMiles for award travel on Delta.  I’m not a huge fan of the SkyMiles program given the random, painful changes to their award chart and lack of notification on changes.  This is a good step in the direction of making the customer’s life easier, assuming Delta has consented to the data feed ExpertFlyer is using.

ExpertFlyer has some monthly subscription options ( around $5/month that can be a good value for planning a single trip.  Annual subscriptions are better values for frequent travelers.  I’ve been a paid subscriber for years and have gotten more than my fair share of value out of it.

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