TODAY ONLY: Book 8,000 Mile Round-Trip Award Flights On United Airlines Through End Of Summer 2021

If you’re still dreaming about where to travel this summer, you should definitely pay attention to the award sale United Airlines is having today.  There are some prices on award tickets here that I don’t ever recall seeing.  I did a bunch of searches for a recent story I published on The Points Guy and I wanted to make sure to share some of that data here as well.  A few notes before we dig into city pairs: You have to book round-trip flights. You need to include a Saturday […]

Which Way To The Plane?  Take Alpha To Bravo

The best laid plans… So, before this picture, I had a couple of days planned to get caught up on a bunch of blog posts I need to write. The good news is that they don’t think it’s broken, but we’ve got two weeks in a cast to be safe, then a follow-up (and hopefully a cast free rest of the summer). At any rate, hoping to get back to blogging shortly. In the interim, here’s a little bit of info only an aviation geek could find funny/interesting. Upon landing […]

CHEAP! Frontier Airlines One-Way Fares From $15

Frontier Airlines has been having a ton of fare sales lately.  Some of these occurred over the busy summer travel season and represented great values.  As we move into fall, we should generally see more sales (and better ones) to fill in empty gaps throughout the rest of the year when travel is a little slower than the heart of summer.  These are the lowest prices I’ve seen Frontier offer. This is a one-day sale. Today’s Frontier Airlines sale features $15 one-way fares.  Here are some sample fares: From Washington, DC: Atlanta […]

10 Days In Italy: Getting Started On United To Rome

I don’t claim to be a renowned world traveler who’s been to every corner of the earth, but I feel like I’ve done a reasonable amount of exploration.  Plenty of destinations have been worthy of a quick stop, though not likely to be a repeat visit anytime soon.  Other destinations were worthy of repeat trips.  And then, there’s Italy.  We just plain love Italy.  Maybe it’s my heritage, but I find the people to be approachable most places we’ve been.  And, although some parts of Italy resemble Detroit in cleanliness, it […]

Paris, Abbreviated. Lufthansa New Business Class, Upstairs On The 747-8i

This is a bit of a long post, due mostly to a bunch of pictures. I thought about splitting out the lounge information into a separate post but there’s not a whole lot of information from our brief visits, mostly just pictures. While 2 days is a short time in Paris (for that matter, most destinations) we left with one more mini-adventure for our return flight, a ride on the new Boeing 747-8i (Intercontinental).

United Airlines Gets “Friendly”er, Eliminates Curbside Baggage Check at Dulles Airport

After a few days of radio silence wrapping up a vacation in Disney World, I’m back and I have a ton of stuff to catch up on in the world of points and miles.  Here’s my quick tidbit for this morning. United didn’t have the most positive news cycle last week. First, they ordered Expert Flyer to stop displaying their award and upgrade information. Then, there was Black Friday, where they gutted their mileage program MileagePlus, most specifically for partners and premium cabin awards. As we were departing last week […]

New (Interesting) Dining Option At Dulles

I saw this sign when I got back to Dulles airport in the B concourse. As a foodie and a student of the restaurant industry as a whole, Starbucks has offered a wealth of case study.  Now, they’ve started branching out past coffee, mints, sweet treats and CDs to include some light dinner options and the occasional glass of wine. I’m happy to have the additional option at Dulles, there’s really not too many good food options.  And, as a disavowed restaurant guy, I think it’s interesting to see how […]

American Airlines to Close My Admirals Club at Dulles Airport

Okay, so it’s not “MY” club, but IAD is my home airport.  And, according to this report, AA is closing a number of clubs.  The only one I actually care about is Dulles. I truly love all of the IAD club employees.  Not only do I know them all by name, they know me well and know my entire family.  They take great care of my kids and we genuinely enjoy their company. The note says nobody is losing their job, and I hope not.  But, we’ll have to wait […]