TODAY ONLY: Book 8,000 Mile Round-Trip Award Flights On United Airlines Through End Of Summer 2021

If you’re still dreaming about where to travel this summer, you should definitely pay attention to the award sale United Airlines is having today.  There are some prices on award tickets here that I don’t ever recall seeing.  I did a bunch of searches for a recent story I published on The Points Guy and I wanted to make sure to share some of that data here as well.  A few notes before we dig into city pairs:

  • You have to book round-trip flights.
  • You need to include a Saturday stay.
  • Travel needs to be completed between June 1st, 2021 and August 31, 2021.

This is one of those moments where the pandemic is our friend.  Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to take a trip, you should book one today if you’re at all considering it.  That’s because United killed change fees on domestic award tickets last year.  They said it was forever.  While that part remains to be seen, “forever” is still “now”.  And, if you cancel more than 30 days ahead of your flight you can redeposit the miles for free as well.  So, this sale is something of a free roll. I’ve put together a list of city pairs, organized by United hub that I confirmed have at least four of five bookable weekend (or week-long) trips during the travel period.  They generally work in both directions.  And, United credit cardholders will find better availability when they login.

Lastly, many of these flights have four or more seats available.  Perfect for family travel!

8,000 Mile Round-Trip Flights You Can Book On United Right Now

  • Chicago-Charleston, SC
  • Chicago-Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Chicago-Pensacola, FL
  • Chicago-Savannah, GA
  • Denver-Devils Lake, ND
  • Denver-Los Angeles, CA
  • Denver-West Yosemite, WY
  • Houston-Aspen, CO
  • Houston-Bozeman, MT
  • Houston-Charleston, SC
  • Houston-Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Houston-Fort Myers, FL
  • Houston-New Orleans, LA
  • Los Angeles-Aspen, CO
  • Los Angeles-Jackson Hole, WY
  • Los Angeles-Seattle, WA
  • Newark-Fort Myers, FL
  • Newark-Presque Isle, ME
  • Newark-Savannah, GA
  • San Francisco-Aspen, CO
  • San Francisco-San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco-Sun Valley, ID
  • San Francisco-Tucson, AZ
  • Washington, DC-Fort Myers, FL
  • Washington, DC-Hilton Head, SC
  • Washington, DC-Presque Isle, ME
  • Washington, DC-Savannah, GA

The Final Two Pennies

For me, some of the interesting destinations were places like Presque Isle, ME.  Flights to Maine are usually a boatload of miles.  Presque Isle is pretty far North, up by the Canadian border.  Exploring the forested parts of Maine can be a great summer trip.  Bozeman and Sun Valley are some other great summer destinations that aren’t always top of mind.  And, places like Charleston and Savannah are charming throughout much of the year.  Oh, did I mention Devils Lake?  You get a “bonus” stop in Jamestown, ND.  You’re welcome. 😉

Don’t sleep on this award sale.  It’s gone after tonight and we likely won’t see these sort of deals again anytime soon.  The flexibility to cancel makes these pretty much a no-brainer.

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