February 2018 Month In Pictures

Pictures tell such an interesting story.  Travel can go by so quickly that we forgot to absorb where we are.  I know I do.  Heck, sometimes even taking the perfect picture takes me away from enjoying the moment.  That’s why I like to look back on the pictures I take and remember the journey.  My hope is that my kids will look back on the posts and pictures of our family vacations and be able to stitch together good memories.

I tried doing a “month in pictures” series for a while, but it didn’t get that many people clicking on it.  Ultimately, I’m bringing it back because I enjoy it.  Here’s a dozen pictures from February that I really enjoyed looking back on.  And, since I’m donut-centric, it’s really a baker’s dozen.

Peek a Boo! Bacon On A Clothesline

Edison at Disney Springs In B&W

Waiting For Boarding at Maria & Enzo’s

Perched On Dad’s Shoulders Watching Fireworks At Disney

See Ya Next Time, Mickey!

My Daughter Made Me Donuts!

Plane Spotting At Museum of Flight

See You Soon, Dulles!

The Driskill, One Of My Favorite Hotels

Bellagio In Black & White

The Kids Making Mickey In The Sand

The Final Two Pennies

Michelle and I don’t get too many pictures of just the two of us.  A quick, happy moment at Disney.


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  1. I’m 100% with you on photos being a window into triggering our memories. On our upcoming trip to GCM we hired a photographer for a short session so we can all be in the shot. Actually considering hiring one for an excursion we are doing, too. I know how much they mean to me so am going to tinker with investing more in them away from home.

    PS love the B&W shots – always so timeless!

  2. screw the clicks, the photos are great and I enjoyed them 🙂 I don’t get photos with my husband that much either, I’m usually the one taking the photos. But they are all precious, you have a beautiful family!

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