A Winner, And Another Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway for two AAdmirals Club passes last week.  The winner from that first giveaway was Madeleine, who said: We have never had an Admiral Club pass and are flying through Arizona on a US Air flight. I believe it would work there. Congrats, Madeleine!  Drop me an e-mail at ed -at- milepoint dot com to collect your passes. Just in time for another giveaway (or two of them)!  One of my readers, CK, saw the earlier giveaway thread and wanted to join in the […]

75,000 Mile AA Sign-Up Bonus, Free Boeing Tour Giveaway. The Best of The Rest For Monday, July 6th 2015

The Best of the Rest covers a bigger sign-up bonus, $10 discounts from Amazon and Orbits, new 787 destinations for American and more….

American Airlines Opening Up More Business Class Awards? The Best Of the Rest For Tuesday, May 19th 2015

Lots going on today in the world of miles and points. Eastern is up in the air, American Airlines is offering up more business class award seats to Europe, and there’s a pretty darn good fare sale to Brazil (or Fort Lauderdale, if you’re looking closer to home). The Best of the Rest…

I Can’t Pay My Bills. It’s Uber’s Fault

Of course it’s Uber’s fault.  One of the behind-the-scenes barons of the NYC taxi industry can’t pay his bills, and he’s asked the judge to keep the banks from taking his collateral.  An eye-popping 900 medallions. While the value of medallions has been dropping, they’re still worth a lot of money (the article quotes a price of $800K a piece).  Assuming Friedman’s “control” of the medallions doesn’t mean 100% ownership (I’d guess he has backers), he still probably owns a big piece of a $700MM business. He owes a lot […]

3 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar On Hilton Stays (Targeted)

Citibank and Hilton are partnering on an offer through the end of May, 2015 that awards an extra 2 AAdvantage miles per dollar on all stays. This seems to be targeted to Citi AAdvantage cardholders.  I received it for my Citi Executive card but the link is coded for my account and not my wife’s, so I can’t tell how broadly targeted it is.   The terms & conditions (below) indicate that the stays need to be charged to your Citi credit card.  So, folks who hold one of the […]

Citibank Now Offering a 100,000 Mile Sign-up Bonus For American Airlines Executive Card

It was literally a couple days ago when rumors of a 75,000 mile sign-up bonus for the Citi Executive card surfaced.  That’s one of the highest bonuses I’ve seen in a while, but apparently it’s been trumped. There’s now a 100,000 mile sign-up offer and it actually has a landing page where you can verify the offer. Some folks have already applied for and received the offer and confirmed it with Citibank via phone. Others, like Pizza In Motion reader ncsam, applied for the 75K offer and tried to get Citi to upgrade […]

75,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus For American Airlines’ Citi Executive Card

The blogsphere is abuzz the last 48 hours with a report from The Points Guy about a 75,000 miles sign-up bonus for the American Airlines’ Citi Executive Card. Here’s the application link for the offer.  It’s very common for Citibank offers not to show the details of the offer when you click on the application link.  You can call Citi after your approval to verify you got the offer.  They’re pretty good at honoring what you applied for. There are a couple reasons why this offer isn’t a slam dunk. […]

US Airways Offering 250 Bonus Miles For Every Time You Book With Their Credit Card

The US Airways World MasterCard isn’t a primary card for me, but it does occupy a spot in my wallet.  I applied for the card because of its generous sign-up bonus but don’t use it for everyday purchases (or my infrequent US Airways travel, for that matter).  It appears that US Airways and their card issuer Barclay are trying to change that.  They’re offering 250 bonus miles for every flight you book using their credit card through the end of October:     The current sign-up bonus for the card isn’t as […]