US Airways Offering 250 Bonus Miles For Every Time You Book With Their Credit Card

The US Airways World MasterCard isn’t a primary card for me, but it does occupy a spot in my wallet.  I applied for the card because of its generous sign-up bonus but don’t use it for everyday purchases (or my infrequent US Airways travel, for that matter).  It appears that US Airways and their card issuer Barclay are trying to change that.  They’re offering 250 bonus miles for every flight you book using their credit card through the end of October:

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The current sign-up bonus for the card isn’t as good as it used to be, but there’s still good reason to consider applying for this card.

You’ll receive 30,000 Dividend Miles with your first purchase.  These will turn into AAdvantage miles later this year when the merger between US Airways and American is finalized.  That’s a free saver award ticket anywhere in the continental US and a few miles left over.

Currently, this card is issued by Barclays, which doesn’t have a lot of other appealing cards in the marketplace.  So, if you haven’t applied and have good credit you stand a good chance of being approved.  When the two programs combine, the relationship will most likely be taken over by Citibank, so the time to get this sign-up bonus is probably limited to the next year or so.

There are mixed reports about people being able to apply and get more than one of these cards at the same time, but generally it looks like you can cancel an existing account and re-apply without much issue.

The card also comes with 2 companion tickets (at $99 each) every year you keep the card, a discount of 5,000 miles on some award travel, priority check-in and boarding as well as US Airways club pass.

You’ll also earn double miles on all US Airways purchases.

I’m not sure if this current promo will change my purchasing behavior for the future, but on any affordable ticket I’ll be sure to pick up the extra 250 miles by booking on my US Airways card.  I already have plenty of AAdvantage miles and Dividend miles, but if you don’t have a big stash it’s most likely right to purchase all your US Airways flights on this card.  A $250 ticket would earn you a total of 3 points per dollar (2 points per dollar is the normal bonus for buying on their card), but even a $500 ticket still earns you an extra half mile per dollar.

Not a stone cold home run, but a decent value if you were thinking about getting this card or already have it.



  1. i have big problem with aadvantage program. They must be honest and let us redeem AA miles online for any partner award flights. They say they are one world and have partner airlines and can redeem miles but I don’t like it when you have to waste your time on phone to book award flights. It takes one hour to get an agent and another hour just to get availability information. It is PIA to redeem AA miles on international award flights. AA also wants more miles than need 40k united mile for one way trip to India, but 45 AA miles. You don’t have to make phone calls and waste hours on phone to book star alliance flights with united.

  2. 250 miles? C’mon, I get 500 SPG hotel points for skipping maid service, and that’s essentially double this bonus. Per day. 250 miles wouldn’t convince me to change my behavior in the slightest.

    1. Fanfoot, I don’t think SPG is going to offer you 500 points a day to book your US Airways travel with their credit cards. 🙂

      For those who don’t have lots of sources to derive mileage from, every mile counts. I have a stash of Dividend Miles that’s big enough for me. But, if I didn’t, the 2X for booking US Airways flights on the card plus this bonus is a reasonable option for the every day traveler.

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