75,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus For American Airlines’ Citi Executive Card

The blogsphere is abuzz the last 48 hours with a report from The Points Guy about a 75,000 miles sign-up bonus for the American Airlines’ Citi Executive Card.

Citi Executive Card

Here’s the application link for the offer.  It’s very common for Citibank offers not to show the details of the offer when you click on the application link.  You can call Citi after your approval to verify you got the offer.  They’re pretty good at honoring what you applied for.

There are a couple reasons why this offer isn’t a slam dunk.

First, the card carries a $450 annual fee and is not waived for the first year.  That still only amounts to half a penny a mile but it needs to be considered.

Second, you’ll need to spend $7500 in the first 3 months to qualify for the 75,000 mile bonus.

I’ve had this card since it first came out and find great value in it, not only for the Admirals Club membership but for the ability to earn 10,000 EQMs every year.  But, it’s certainly not cheap or easy to work this one if you’re just looking for the miles.  Here’s a list of benefits the card carries:

Citi Executive Card

I don’t get any referral credit on this, just a really good offer.


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  1. It could just be people who purchased AC membership in the last year. Fingers crossed for getting the offer matched up!

    1. Interesting. I need to see if I renewed less than a year ago. Wonder if it’s just new purchases or renewals as well.

  2. Uh…both my wife and me received separate offers today for 100k bonus with $10k spend over 3 months. Tempting…

      1. I used to have AC membership, but for the last few years we both have been using Amex Plat to access the clubs. I don’t really need AC membership – certainly wouldn’t be renewing the card next year – but 10k in 3 months is doable…and 100k is a lot of miles!

  3. There’s a link out there now and apps in ACs. I bit on the 75k offer just yesterday and called to match up to the 100k offer but was told I need to send in documentation. I hope the apps are still in ACs in 3 weeks when I’m finally transiting an airport with an AC!

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