Delta Extends Elite Status And Other Benefits

Delta is the first major airline to announced an extension of elite status and related benefits due to the coronavirus crisis. They won’t be the last. The move is all positive and I expect United and American to follow suit shortly. I also expect incentives to travel later in the year if the public health situation allows for it.

Airbnb Taking a Beating During Coronavirus Pandemic

The travel industry is getting hammered by the coronavirus crisis.  Business and leisure travel have both declined considerably.  And, due to the lack of clarity when things will improve, future bookings are being impacted at an alarming rate.  United is flying nearly empty planes, even after grounding a large part of their fleet.  They’re not alone, with literally dozens of airlines grounding their entire fleet.  The damage isn’t limited to airlines.  Marriott has already furloughed 2/3 of their corporate staff.  And, Airbnb is nowhere near immune, taking a healthy beating […]

Big Move: Hilton Extending Elite Status And Adds Flexibility To All Reservations

Hilton is the first of the big hotel chains to make a move, and in a big way. They’ve announced changes to their elite status program and reservation flexibility that are very positive for customers. Is it enough for them to steal business from their competitors? We’re months away from having that answer.

United Airlines Is Flying 84% Of Their Seats Empty Today

United Airlines has a load factor of only 16% today with 40,000 passengers booked worldwide.  This is according to a source at United with knowledge of the daily operations. There are tons of airlines who have grounded significant portions of their fleet due to the current crisis surrounding coronavirus.  Some friends of mine are tracking cancelations around the world and you can view their work here.  United currently appears to have 68% of their fleet of 786 airplanes grounded right now, spurred by lack of demand due to COVID-19. United […]


We Shouldn’t Need This: Marriott Adds Ability To See All Fees When You Search

Resort fees, facility fees, destination fees, urban fees and many more.  Hotels across the globe charge these fees on top of room rates as a way to earn extra money per room while hoping to avoid customers noticing until after they book a room.  As opposed to airline tickets, where they’ve been required for a number of years to show the full cost of a ticket, hotels are not currently bound by such legislation in the US.  Marriott seems to be the first major hotel chain to offer a way […]