Why A Donut Shop In Phoenix May Be My Favorite In The World

I’ve been to enough donut shops in the past 3 years that I think I can start to form some pretty data-driven opinions.  Even though my cholesterol level is down (through exercise), my waistline is increasing a bit from research.  I don’t think you can claim something is “best” after visiting just once.  I do think I’m at the point where I can claim a favorite.  But, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

Here’s a bit about ?

And,  because I wanted to have nerdy fun, with the donut thing, I have my own rating system.  Which leads us to…..

Why Phoenix Has My Favorite Donut Shop

18 months ago I stopped by a place called Welcome Chicken & Donuts.  Located on the flight path to Phoenix Airport, it’s in something of an industrial area.

That first visit was unbelievable.  Shockingly good.  For some reason, I never did write a review at that time.  But, I knew I needed to go back.  Having visited Welcome Chicken & Donuts multiple times, I’m ready to proclaim it my current favorite.  Here’s why:

  • It’s in a crappy neighborhood and everyone has heard of it.  Every time I show up somewhere with their chicken and donuts, I get knowing smiles and nods from people.
  • The donuts are legit.  Whenever a donut shop branches out past donuts (or tries to create crazy flavors), I’m worried that they’re not focused on the quality of the donuts.  Welcome makes a great basic donut.  Their entry-level donut is labeled “sprankles”.  Love it.  But, you’ll also find chipotle lemon and chocolate rose pistachio if you like funky flavors (I liked the former, not the latter).

  • The chicken is biblical.  They have some cool sauces to go with it, but they’re really just window dressing  for the runway model that is the chicken.  My best suggestion?  Get there as close to 10:30 in the morning as you can, when the chicken first starts rolling out.  It’s so good when it’s hot and crispy.

The store itself isn’t anything pretty.  It’s straight forward with a few tables and a counter.  As I mentioned earlier, you’ll find normal flavors like glazed and sprinkles.  You’ll also find  a variety of more exotic flavors.  The yeast-raised and cake donuts are both very good.

So, What’s The Score?

You might expect me to throw out a 4.5 or 5 on the donut scale, given how much I’ve raved about Welcome Chicken & Donuts.  I went slightly lower than that.

  • A Sugar Symphony In Your Mouth. Life-Changing!
  • You Literally Reach For Another One Before You Finish The One In Your Hand.
  • Dunkin' Donuts. Waaay Better Than No Donuts At All!
  • Taste Good After A Hangover.
  • Only In Case Of Emergency (i.e. grocery store donuts).

Want to know a little more about the donut ratings?

I’ve had better donuts.  But, when you add in the uber-friendly staff and incredible chicken it pushes Welcome to the top of the list.  If I was baking all that in to the rating, they would be a 4.5 or a 5.  But, in the interest of purity around the donut rating, they’re a 4 (which is a darn good donut).  No fancy labels or flashy signs at Welcome Chicken & Donuts.  Just honest-to-goodness great food.

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  1. I live in Phoenix and can’t wait to visit this place soon. I think the best donuts are in NE Ohio called Jubilee Donuts. They are one of the few places remaining that make the original creme stix.

  2. Realize that walk in customers don’t keep the doors open. Rather it the wholesale orders, especially the ones placed by local churches, schools and other organizations. Locally, as long as the donuts are fair to Midland, aren’t priced like the Bread Co. (Panera) and available even late on Sunday morning, folks will stop for a dozen or two. Counter or table customers also want a decent cup of coffee at a fair price and refill(s).

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