I’m Taking My Family To Australia!

Miles and points play a huge role in how my children view the world. Before my wife and I started dating, she’d never been North of the Mason-Dixon line. Now, she’s visited numerous places she only dreamed were possible.

Similarly, our children have been lucky enough to visit places they thought they could only read about in books. A few years ago we visited Salzburg so my daughter could spend time with a close friend from school. The girl’s family had moved away due to her father’s job. My daughter knew I was being genuine when I promised her we could visit.

A couple of years ago I had my first chance to go to Australia. American Airlines opened up award space for first class seats on Qantas Airlines. I’d never flown Qantas. Their first class product is just as advertised, excellent. At the time, the flight from Sydney to Dallas was the longest in the world.

Champagne and fine dining are great. The Park Hyatt Sydney was every bit as good as advertised.  But, the show stopper for me was Bridge Climb. I didn’t even know it existed until a few weeks before I departed. As I stood on top of the Harbour Bridge, I knew it was an experience I wanted to share with my family.

Sydney Bridge Climb

4 Business Class Seats To Sydney!

As you guys know, I read a lot of travel blogs.  There are a small handful I make sure I’m always caught up on, since work inevitably gets me behind in my reading.  View From The Wing is the first travel blog I can recall discovering and it’s one of the ones I stay up-to-date on.  So, when he wrote a post a couple of days ago about wide-open award space to Australia, I was all-in!

I quickly started searching dates and found a few that worked.  Finding 4 award seats in business class on the same flight to Australia is like a cross between finding a 4-leaf clover and capturing the abominable snowman. The chase was on!  I rushed out of my home office with a big smile on my face and asked my wife about some prospective dates.  Her answer?  A big kiss on the lips!

Back to work for me.  She and I discussed dates a bit and I almost made the mistake I tell all of you not to make.  I didn’t book something right away.  I tried to call United about something I was seeing online that didn’t make sense.  A few minutes stretched to 15, then 30.  And, all of sudden, a few dates disappeared from the availability calendar.  I kicked my butt into gear and picked a few dates that likely worked.  I had trouble getting one to ticket but after a reload I got a confirmation number.  Shortly thereafter, e-mails appeared in my inbox with confirmations.  We’re going to Australia!

View Of Syndey On Take-Off

The Final Two Pennies

I’m guessing the folks reading this are divided into two groups.  Those of you that travel even more than I do are shrugging your shoulders, “I’ve booked awards to Australia.  6 times.  Big deal.”  It’s different for a family of 4.  Those chances don’t pop up often, especially when you consider school schedules.

Then, there are those of you that look at my travel and ask me how you can book the same trips.  For that second group, I’m sharing this story to prove it’s possible to score a (relatively) free ticket in business class to faraway corners of the world for your family.  Sure, we burned a lot of miles.  But, this is what we’ve been saving them for.

I’m one of those folks that think planning the trip is one of the fun parts of the journey.  You can bet I’ll enjoy piecing together a once-in-a-lifetime trip for my family Down Under!

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  1. That is fantastic! I love Australia and taking my family there is one of the things high on my list. Someday, we will get there but finding six tickets (and whatever miles they are charging at that time!) will be tough!
    Enjoy! Very excited for you all!

  2. When I met my bf Dave, he had only been to a few states and out of the country once (to visit his sister in the UK). Now, he boasts that since he’s met me, he’s been to numerous states and to 23 countries. How long are you going to Australia for? How many cities will you hit? I haven’t been to Australia yet.

  3. Did you end up buying them all as one-ways or round trip? Business both ways, so 8*80k=640000 miles?
    If you had to pick one direction only for business, would you pick there or back?

    1. Jason, I did buy them as one-ways. As a 1K, I can change for free. Just figured that was easier if I needed to change one end of it. I’d probably pick the return in business since that’s more of a “daytime” flight.

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