This Donut Thing Is About To Get Out of Control In The Greatest Way Possible!

If you follow me on social media, you’ve definitely noticed by donut obsession.  No need to sugar-coat it (see what I did there), it’s a full-blown obsession.  I’ve been working on something in the background to make the donut thing a bit more fun, and I’m ready to launch it.

Before we do that, I need to thank Denny and Josh from House of Miles for all the work they put into getting me ready for launch.  I’m not a developer, so there’s no way I would have gotten this far on my own.

My love of donuts started at a young age.  I love yeast-raised donuts and cake donuts.  Glazed, chocolate, creme-filled.  No need to discriminate.

I started talking about donuts on my blog as a way to have some occasional fun.  I’ve had some straight forward reviews, such as my experience in Ohio and Salzburg.  Wichita was a surprising and delightful donut city, some of the best I’ve had.

There have even been a couple of donut adventures.  Hunting down Boneshaker in Paris was a memorable morning with friends.  And, I was blown away when a friend surprised me in Seattle by getting up before dawn to hunt down donuts for me.

Which Ones Are Best?

But, how do we determine what are truly the best donuts?  I can’t say for certain, but we’re sure going to have some fun doing it.  I’ve come up with a donut rating system that we’ll start using.  It’s equal parts art, science, black magic and humor.

This is supposed to be fun.  People reach out to me via social media all the time to give me new leads on great donut shops.  Keep those suggestions coming.  I have a master list and I’ll do my best to hit all of your suggestions during my travel.  Have fun arguing why your favorite donut shop is better than someone else’s.  I know I will.  Here’s a sneak peek at what the rating system looks like:

  • A Sugar Symphony In Your Mouth. Life-Changing!
  • You Literally Reach For Another One Before You Finish The One In Your Hand.
  • Dunkin' Donuts. Waaay Better Than No Donuts At All!
  • Taste Good After A Hangover.
  • Only In Case Of Emergency (i.e. grocery store donuts).

We’ve got a 5-star rating system.  I’ll be doing my best to capture some fun images of donuts along the way to include in the graphics.  I’ll also do the hard work of biting into the donuts so we can have half rankings, such as below:

In case you’re wondering, the first set of donut pictures are from Neil’s Donuts in Wallingford, CT.

The Final Two Donuts, Er….Pennies

As friends and regular readers know, I don’t like taking myself too seriously.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the donut humor along with me.  Hit me with your favorite donut shop.  I’m using the hashtag #donutsacrossamerica.  Tweet me, Instagram me or hit me on Facebook.  I’m sure I’ll have some fun prizes for folks who help me out along the way!

Let’s get started!

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  1. Next time you’re in Texas (city or town) search out “Snowflake Donuts.” “Snowflake” is the name used by Cambodian immigrants in California and Texas for the shops they have opened to get a start on the “American Dream.” Stories have been written about “Snowflake” shops in the Washington Post and other media. They are not a chain but the various owners learn and communicate with each other and manage to produce some of the best donuts I have tasted. Lots of varieties and no preservatives (they only last a day or so but are usually eaten by then anyway).

  2. Hope there are some holes in your in your donut plan. (see what I did there?) Donut holes have a better surface to mass ratio than donuts, but, alas, there isn’t as much variety.

  3. You HAVE to go to Kane’s Donuts in Saugus, Massachusetts about 14 miles of Boston, right up on Rt. 1. They are the best and even though I moved about from Saugus, whenever I go home I always go back to Kanes. If you go there, please bring some back for me and I’ll drive up to NoVa and pick them up from you. Here is their link: Jane

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