I Think My Love Of Donuts May Have Hit A Tipping Point

Hurts Donuts Wichita

News flash, I really like donuts.  I’ve loved them for quite some time.  You’ll frequently find me sharing pictures and thoughts on various donut shops as I travel around the world.

My social media feeds are starting to get clogged up with folks sharing donut-related items.  I love every single one.  It’s pretty cool to see people recognizing something I love and uncovering all kids of interesting donuts and stories to share with me.

Yesterday in Seattle, right before the Norwegian Air Boeing 737 MAX delivery flight, a handful of frequent flyer geeks got together.  Some were joining the inaugural flight, others were just locals who came out to say hello.

Charles H was one of the folks who lives in the Seattle area and joined us for breakfast.  The story of how we became acquainted was an interesting one.  It was about 5 years ago when I got to fly the 787 Dreamliner for the first time on the inaugural Boston-Tokyo Japan Airlines flight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flight over, and then headed to Tokyo for the first time.  I enjoyed the Park Hyatt Tokyo, and then ultimately ended up at the Tsukiji fish market for the tuna auction.  As I walked out of the tuna auction, I ran into Charles as we were both looking for some sushi and beer at 6am.  We had run into each other at some other airplane geek event at some point, but didn’t know each other well.

As it turned out, he was on the inaugural with me as well.  I hope I get this part right from memory.  He had worked for Boeing for a bit and felt proud to see the 787 rolling out worldwide.  We ended up heading to a baseball game while in Tokyo and have kept in touch since.

Well, he showed up at breakfast this morning with a dozen donuts from Westernco Donuts in Seattle.


That may be one of the most awesome, thoughtful things I’ve come across in my travels.  He woke up early, got the donuts and went to work.  They sat on his desk for a bit until it was time to come meet me for breakfast.

And, just in case you’re wondering, they were good.  In case you’re keeping score at home, that vanilla frosted cake donut with sprinkles was my favorite.  Can’t say enough thanks to Charles, only wish I had more time to catch up.

Keep those donuts coming!


  1. Donuts are good but they have turned into the cupcake craze of say 2014. I knew they had reached the fast stage on a recent trip to top golf where they couldn’t stop pimping donuts!?Oh and they are very very very bad for your health so be careful.

    1. Dan, traditional donut stores are still great. I’m not a huge fan of some of the “trendy” donut shops. And, yes. They’re pretty bad for you. I usually eat a healthy breakfast before I head out for donut sampling.

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