I’m Flying The New Boeing 737 MAX Today, Before It Enters Service In The US. I’m Pretty Pumped!

What can I say?  I’m an airplane junky.  An #avgeek.  A plane nerd.  And, today I’ll be flying the new Boeing 737 MAX.

I’m pretty thankful my wife let me sneak away for a day or two to take part in this.  I don’t think I’ve had quite as cool an experience as this since I got to fly the inaugural 787 route round-trip between Boston and Tokyo.

If you’re not familiar with the Boeing 737 MAX, you will be.  There will be a lot of them flying around the world.  The 737 series of planes is one of the most widely known planes in aviation history.  If you’ve been on more than one or two planes, there’s a reasonable chance you’ve flown on a Boeing 737.  Boeing is approaching 4,000 total orders for the 737 MAX, so we’re going to be flying on frequently, and for quite some time.

Today, Norwegian Air takes possession of their first Boeing 737 MAX.  They’ll be flying it back to Oslo.  And, I’ll be onboard.  The plane only has coach seats, so sleeping may be a bit tougher than normal when I fly over the pond.  But, it’ll give me a chance to review the plane on a long flight and report back on it.

Boeing 737 MAX 10

I plan to Instagram, Tweet, Facebook, etc all the pics and facts I can before boarding.  If you’re interested, here’s where you can find me:




I might even get crazy and try to figure out this Pinterest thing.  No promises.

The Final Two Pennies

Norwegian Air has over 100 737 MAX planes on order, so this is the first of many deliveries.  Opportunities to hop on a delivery flight don’t come along often for me.  That’s especially true for a brand new plane most of the world hasn’t flown yet. I wrote this post earlier in the morning, so I’m still not sure if we’ll have Wifi onboard.  I’ll keep posting updates as long as I’ve got connectivity.

I’m looking forward to a cool day in the air.  I hope you’ll check-in from time to time!

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  1. Nothing at all exciting about this It’s just a 737 with new engines. Who gives a crap. A huge downgrade to the future of Trans Atlantic travel.

  2. Your intro on Boarding Area says you’ll be flying the Max 10 today. i don’t think it’s close to service yet. May want to check for the typo.

  3. Hi, I am excited for your trip! Looking forward to reading your report. I live in Seattle, Wa and it sounds so exciting to have the opportunity to try extraordinary things with Boeing. Next time you are in town, I’d be happy to show you around or meet up with other frequent flyers.

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