85 Bucks Back From Booking.com And Flying Supersonic. Oh, And Cheap Fares To Europe!

Cheap Flight Of The Day:

Cheap flights to Helsinki are catching my eye.  $330 round-trip from New York.  Finland is a bit out-of-the-way but a great place to visit.  And, since Finnair has a hub there, you can get to a decent number of places.

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Frequent Traveler University Is Launching A New Event

Who Is Your Airline Following On Twitter?

Are You Ready to Fly Supersonic?   Like Seth, I missed flying on the Concorde.  I’d love for this to happen in my lifetime.  I thought the 787 was the last true “big” innovation in air travel I would see in my lifetime.  That’s a lot to say as I sit in my mid-40s, but it takes a long time to craft new aviation technology.  Supersonic flying isn’t new, but affordable, sustainable supersonic commercial flying would be a novel creation.

The government is working to make flights more expensive for us.  Yes, you read that right.  They want to block discount carriers based in other countries from launching more international service to the US.  This is different from the way the government was working to make flights more expensive earlier in the week, but probably worse for consumers in the long run.

Qatar Airways Is Acquiring A 10% Stake In American Airlines

Uber users can now order a ride for someone else.  I like that this is finally rolled out.  I run into this situation at least half a dozen times a year, especially when traveling with someone like my dad who refuses to use apps on his phone.

75 Euros back from Booking.com.  At today’s conversion rate, that’s about 85 USD.

Get 500 free JetBlue TrueBlue points for a tour and up to 20,500 points for renting space at a co-working facility.

Southwest downsizing Cuba flying while asking for more Havana flights.  I really wonder what will happen to Havana flying in the face of new restrictions on travel to Cuba.

Hotel in India turns away woman traveling on her own because she’s single.  You know, for her protection.  /rolleyes

How NOT To Book Your Next Disney Trip.  For real.

Bereavement fares still exist, they’re just a lot harder to find.

Ebates 4th of July promo worth looking into.

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