Data Download: Who Is Your Airline Following On Twitter?

The folks from Social Rank reached out to me with some interesting data about airlines.  I’m a nuts and bolts kind of guy, and numbers fascinate me.  So, this was definitely worth my time.  If you want to review the entire slide presentation you’ll find it on their website.  Here are my thoughts:

Which US Airline Has The Most Twitter Followers?

Airline Following Twitter

Some of this data makes sense to me, while other bits are puzzling.  JetBlue is a very popular airline with a younger demographic.  It makes sense to me that they’d have considerably more followers than American, Delta or United.  Southwest is a big airline and has a quirky, passionate following.  I don’t think their average customer skews as young as JetBlue.  I’m guessing their willingness to have fun on Twitter tell part of the story here.

How Many People Is Your Favorite Airline Following On Twitter?

Airline Following Twitter

I was surprised at the difference between JetBlue and Southwest here.  The numbers make it seem like they have a different strategy on how they interact with members.  American’s high number here isn’t surprising.  Their Twitter team make a habit out of following folks who have a problem and communicating with them via Direct Message to help solve the problem.  American’s Twitter team saved my bacon a few years ago.  There’s no way I make it home that night if they don’t step in.

Who Has The Most Tweets?

Airline Following Twitter

Zero surprise here.  I’ve heard Seth, the Wandering Aramean, say more than once that American feels the need to respond to everyone on Twitter.  These numbers are their Tweets from the inception of their Twitter account.

How Many Verified Followers?

Airline Following Twitter

Not sure what to make of this.  American is one of the airlines that flies back and forth between NYC and LAX quite a bit.  That’s a celebrity route and they’ve done their best to cater to that crowd.  When I think of verified followers, I think of celebs, even though it covers more than that.  I think it’s interesting Southwest has that many verified followers.  I regard verified followers as a badge of your committed customers.  Maybe I’m wrong.

Who Is Your Airline Following?

Airline Following Twitter

I wish this was segregated by airline.  I’ve gotta guess the Yankees follow is Delta, since they have a big partnership.  Celtics?  I’m guessing JetBlue.

Who’s Followers Are The Most Active?

Airline Following Twitter

Spirit has such a small list of followers.  It’s interesting they have the highest percentage of active followers.  I just wonder if the sample size is too small.  It’s interesting that JetBlue’s percentage of active followers is so much lower.  Were these folks who thought the brand was really cool early on?

Who Has The Most Unique Followers?

Airline Following Twitter

This is really no surprise to me.  A good chunk of JetBlue and Southwest’s customers fly only with them.  Folks who are customers of American are much more likely to be a United customer from time to time.

The Final Two Pennies

I really do like analyzing data.  I certainly wouldn’t have the time to compile all of the data.  That’s why I’m glad Social Rank did, and was willing to share it.  Data like this is interesting.  It reveals a few things about the airlines, and leaves me asking a few questions.  Bottom line here, I’m not surprised by JetBlue and Southwest from a popularity or a unique follower standpoint.  I think the unique nature of their brands is an indicator here.

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