Donut Review: The Donut Pub

I don’t get “normal” gifts in the mail very often.  Heck, I don’t get a ton of gifts.  But, when I do, they generally fall into two categories.

I get a handful of aviation-themed items throughout the year (go figure), such as these lovely gems:

Donut Pub

You gotta figure I’m the only travel blogger than can somehow weave socks and donuts into the same post and actually have it seem kinda sorta normal.  Okay, maybe not so normal.

Anyway, the other gift I’ve gotten more than once this year are donuts.  Randy sent me some earlier in the year, and now Neil and David sent me a dozen cronuts from The Donut Pub in NYC.  I’ve never been to The Donut Pub.  In fairness, I’ll need to go to do a comparison between their fresh donuts and the ones I tried.  That won’t be tough for me!

For background, Neil was my English teacher in high school.  He was one of a small group of teachers (hi, Sue and Jane!) who kicked my ass and made sure I didn’t flunk out.  I sure tried hard enough!  At any rate, I helped Neil out with some travel a few years ago.  They took a wonderful trip to Turkey and Venice along with a cruise.  I helped fill in a few gaps with their airline miles.  Since then, Neil and David have been way too generous trying to thank me.  They send the kids gifts and now they’ve crossed over into donut mayhem.

The donuts showed up very cold.  Not sure if they normally ship refrigerated, but it was a pretty darn cold day in Virginia.  I didn’t know that they were coming, but the size and labeling of the box were something of a telltale sign.

Donut Pub

What Do We Have Here?

Donut Pub

Opening Up The Box!

So, What The Heck Is A Cronut?

Let’s get one thing straight.  A cronut is not a donut.  It’s a cross between a croissant and a donut.  Think layers of light, airy, buttery dough with icing on top.  They tend to be heavy, since they have lots of layers (and, usually toppings).  When done right, a cronut can be tasty.  But, it’s not a donut.  However, since we don’t have a cronut rating scale around here, we’ll make an exception and rate these as donuts.  Heck, we won’t even take off any points for not technically being a donut.

What’s In The Box?

The box consisted of:

  • 2 Maple-Glazed Cronuts
  • 2 Maple-Glazed Bacon Covered Cronuts
  • 1 Chocolate Glazed Cronut
  • 2 S’Mores Cronuts
  • 2 Chocolate Caramel Cronuts
How Were The Cronuts?

My daughter is a S’Mores fiend, so we started there.  The donut was a bit cold right out of the box.  Once we gave it a few minutes to warm up, it was really quite good.  Since it was a S’Mores cronut, I think it could have used just a bit more marshmallow.

Donut Pub

S’Mores Cronut

Donut Pub

Inside The S’Mores Cronut

Next up was the bacon-covered maple-glazed cronut.  I love bacon.  But, there are still some places bacon doesn’t belong.  A donut (or a cronut) is one of them.

Donut Pub

Maple-Glazed Bacon Covered Donut

The Final Two Pennies

I’m finally home for a bit and it’s time to get caught up on donut reviews.  That also means getting to use the new donut rating system.

So, how did I score Donut Pub in a box?

  • A Sugar Symphony In Your Mouth. Life-Changing!
  • You Literally Reach For Another One Before You Finish The One In Your Hand.
  • Dunkin' Donuts. Waaay Better Than No Donuts At All!
  • Taste Good After A Hangover.
  • Only In Case Of Emergency (i.e. grocery store donuts).

I’d really like to give Donut Pub a try in person.  The donut flavor was good.  I’m just not sure if they might have a fresher taste/mouth feel the day they were baked.

Big thanks to Neil and David for expanding my donut, er cronut horizons!

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  1. Ed,
    The bananasfoster donut at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas can be found in a lounge called The Henry. It’s near an entrance. No donuts on display. You have to ask; and as I found out, they were sold out.


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