JetBlue Is Making Changes To Their Second “Free” Flight Giveaway

Maybe you were one of the people feverishly clicking “refresh” on your computer or mobile device earlier this week when JetBlue announced a really cool giveaway.  I sure was, and was very disappointed when the dust settles.  Even now, I still haven’t heard from a single person that managed to score this deal.  And, the original post got a lot of traffic.

JetBlue Free Flights

JetBlue seems to have heard the feedback and is changing how they’ll “sell” the next 200 games (that each include a free ticket).  Deals We Like shared the details of the sweepstakes and charity auction JetBlue will be putting together this week. Quoting from the announcement:

Since the first 200 Get Packing! board games sold out so quickly we want to offer everybody another chance to Get Packing! for the holidays, so we’re back with 200 more games! This time we will be hosting a sweepstakes so you can have a chance to win one of 195 games. For the remaining five, we will be auctioning them off on Charitybuzz to benefit Make-A-Wish®. So, you can enter the sweeps for a chance to win or bid on Charitybuzz and do some good while you’re at it (or both!). Terms apply:

You can register for the giveaway starting tomorrow, Monday, December 18th at 3pm EST.   It’s free, so don’t forget!

The Final Two Pennies

This strikes me as a big improvement on what they did last time.  Scoring an airline ticket for less than $50 ($20 for the game plus taxes/fees) is a great offer.  Not only was there high demand, the sheer speed of the sell-out (pretty much instantly) likely means that some bots were involved.

I don’t have a bot, just two thumbs to click refresh with.  While my chances of winning a free ticket for one of my readers will likely still be quite poor, at least I know I’ll have a free shot.  And, JetBlue stands to raise roughly $1,000 for charity by auctioning off 5 of the games.

Is it bad that as an aviation geek, I want a copy of the JetBlue game more than I want the free airline ticket?

Good luck in the new giveaway!

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  1. It seems to me JetBlue is getting a lot of bang for the buck with offering only 200 tickets. There’s at least that many bloggers, etc. spreading the word.

    They may sell the game (without ticket) so you may have a shot at the game. Maybe it sill have a discount coupon. Otherwise that’s a lot of production costs just to do 200 (or even 400) games.

    1. Carl, I agree they’re getting a lot of run for their money here. Although, not sure all the initial round of press was good. I guess if you subscribe to the mantra that there’s no such thing as bad press……

      1. With the sweepstake round and charity slant I’d say they’ll still be happy with the overall results, albeit not as they planned.

        I still expect the next round to be the game with a discount coupon.

        I still think back to promos like the old AirTran one where you could get a free round trip for coupons from 64 Coke product cups at Wendy’s. Two RT per account limit. It was enough to encourage dumpster diving,

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