OMG! I’m Pretty Sure I Found The Perfect New Job!

I lost count of the number of folks who sent this article my way.  I’m not surprised someone sent it.  I am surprised that literally more than a dozen people pay close enough attention and took the time.

Apparently, I can apply to become Chief Donut Officer at Entenmann’s.

Not a more perfect job for me, right???  I grew up on Entenmann’s donuts as well, as a kid in the Northeast US.  Dunkin and Hostess rounded up my trifecta in the early years.  Oh, and Argyle Donuts, where my love for donuts really took off.

I have to be a shoe-in, right?  After all, I have my own donut rating system.

If I win, I’ll receive:

  • $5,000
  • Entenmann’s gear
  • One-year supply of donuts

Of course, I entered.  I’ll let you guys know if I’m lucky enough to win!  And, thanks to all the people who sent this one over.

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  1. Years ago there was an Entenmann ‘s bakery in the area where I grew up. Wednesday was the discount day at the on site store. Place was always crowd and there was more then those donuts. Hostess use to have a similar store at it bakery and also stores at various strip malls. Now Krogers bakery was the best, since they put out the overruns for sale, ASAP

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