QUICK: $267 Round-Trip From San Francisco To London!

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I don’t see nearly as many ultra-low price flights to Europe from the West Coast as I do from the East Coast.  That’s what makes a $267 round-trip from SFO to London on an airline that’s not a low-cost carrier so rare.

View From The Wing has the details on just that.  I’m seeing sporadic dates through spring of next year.  These fares are on Virgin Atlantic across the pond.  While I don’t have experience flying them, the benefit here is an airline with more than one option to get you to Europe if there’s a problem with your flight.  Also, you probably have the ability to select a seat and bring a bag onboard (though I need to dig a bit deeper to verify).  Even the low-cost carriers that serve the West Coast don’t often have flights this cheap.

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t think of a San Francisco to London fare sale as “San Francisco to London”, or any other two city pairs for that matter.  Think of it as part of a larger trip, or two trips if you work at it.  Use cheap flights or miles and points to cover that last leg to your dream destination.  Similarly, when fares are this cheap, leverage your points to save on hotel rooms to give yourself a truly affordable trip to Europe.

In 3 hours or less, you can get a flight to all kinds of interesting places, like Paris, Italy, Germany and Amsterdam.

I wouldn’t sleep on these fares if you’re thinking of booking them.  Remember that virtually any flight that originates or departs in the US is eligible for a full refund for up to 24 hours after purchase.  These fares will go quickly!

Given how low they are, I would definitely wait a few days before booking nonrefundable hotels, excursions etc.  Let’s see if Virgin Atlantic will honor all of these.  I suspect they will, but you can never be sure.

Happy Hunting!

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