Starbucks Bingo Is Back, And It’s Worth Playing

Starbucks runs a number of promotions throughout the year.  They’re trying to get you to visit more often (duh).  Starbucks Bingo is one of the games that I’ve enjoyed playing previously.  It was pretty straightforward and I usually earned a few free drinks.

More recently, the Starbucks summer game was significantly less inspiring.  That’s hard to do, considering a Starbucks drink is usually less than $5.  However, they managed to make it really difficult to actually earn anything.  I was a bit skeptical when I heard Starbucks Bingo was back.  Admittedly, I was probably the last human being to know.  It kicked off over a week ago.  You can still play until November 1st.  Here’s why I think you should consider it.

I logged in a couple of days ago and looked over the various goals.  It looked like it was worth trying to hit a few.  Take a look:

Starbucks Bingo

Starbucks Bingo

Starbucks Bingo

Here’s the kicker, though.  It appears that even if you register after the fact, all of your purchases from the start date of 10/12 qualify for game play.  This was what my bingo board looked like less than 24 hours later:

Starbucks Bingo

Starbucks Bingo

It clearly says that you need to pay with a registered Starbucks card after you sign-up for bingo.  And yet, that’s most definitely not what happened for me.

The Final Two Pennies

325 stars is enough for almost 3 free drinks.  Not a ton of dough, but every dollar counts, right?  Hopefully, your previous purchases qualify for your bingo board as well.  I can’t say I’ve never gone out-of-the-way for one of these games.  But, I don’t think they change my buying patterns long-term.  At any rate, it’s probably $10 worth of free Starbucks.  Can’t complain about that.

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  1. Your board is a bit different than mine. Only 300 total point available to me. And I only needed to place two mobile orders to complete “Jump The Line”.

      1. Personally not surprised. It wouldn’t be hard to personalize based on your app usage patterns. It wouldn’t even need to be very sophisticated algorithms, although i’m sure there are actually some pretty interesting analytics behind it. It could also be something like giving different options to similar groups to see what types of promotions/options drive “better” buying behaviors. Long story short, they’d be foolish NOT to differentiate the offers.

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