Jump! Cheap United Fares To Europe And Asia You Should Book Right Now!

You see me frequently talk about cheap fares on these pages.  “Cheap Fare Of The Day” is a standard part of my Best of the Rest posts a number of times each week.  These ones are different.

I just noticed these fares that View From the Wing is reporting that people need to jump on now:

  • $386 roundtrip to Amsterdam from New York, DC and Chicago
Cheap United Fares


  • $416 roundtrip to Paris from New York, Washington DC and Chicago.
Cheap United Fares

Paris At Sunset

  • $446 roundtrip to Tokyo from LAX.

These fares are a bit different than most of the ones I share, in that they’re from multiple hub cities on United, not an international carrier trying to fill seats.  You’ll occasionally see fare wars between the big 3 US carriers, but you rarely see the airlines discount their own hubs without good reason.  And, these are non-stop routes to popular cities, something else you don’t see as often.

In a hub-captive world (where frequent travelers are more likely to use the airline in their home city), fares like these won’t last long and should be jumped on.  While these fares don’t qualify for GPUs (global premier upgrades), they’re really good deals on nonstop routes.

Cheap fares are an integral part to a successful travel strategy.  Save your airline miles for the next trip and book these now.  Or, use flexible points like Chase Ultimate Rewards to redeem for a free hotel to go along with your cheap tickets.  Treating yourself to a great dinner or a special excursion when you travel is so much easier when the airline tickets and hotel rooms cost you next to nothing.

Just don’t wait!

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