It’s Time To Register For The New Hyatt Promo: More Points. More Play

Hotel Bonus Promo Rule #1:  Always register for all the promos.  It’s free, quick and you might forget later on when you actually have a stay that earns you extra points.

Hotel Bonus Promo Rule #2:  When in doubt, refer to rule #1.

Hyatt now has the registration page up for their latest promo, More Points.  More Play.  The promotion will allow members the opportunity to earn up to 75,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points after 25 eligible nights for stays from September 1 through November 30, 2016.

This promo is geared towards both frequent and infrequent travelers with the multiple tiers:

Hyatt Promo

Given, you need a minimum of 5 nights with this promotion to earn points.  For those looking to earn on the least amount of nights, the 2 stay option with Marriott Rewards might be a better fit.  For most others, I’d lean towards Hyatt.

When you consider that one of the nicest hotels in the chain, Park Hyatt Sydney, costs 30,000 points a night, maxing out this promo means 2 free nights at a hotel that routinely costs almost $1,000 a night. I just got back from the Park Hyatt Sydney, you can see how I enjoyed my stay.

Hyatt Promo

View From the Opera Deluxe Room

It follows the format of Hyatt’s most recent promo, in that both occasional and frequent travelers can earn points.  The promotion period is shorter than some of the others on the market.  I’ll do a comparison of all the promos in the market shortly, but here are links in case you want to see my thoughts so far:

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