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Great Travel Auctions Ending Today And The Best Super Bowl Commercials

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It was a relatively quiet night of Super Bowl watching around our house, mostly waiting for the good Super Bowl commercials.  Still kinda waiting.  Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of travel today:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Those sub-$400 Alaska fares from a whole bunch of cities are still available.  Only $260 from LAX!

Earn miles for breast implants.  Because, well, why not?

Travel auctions ending soon at great prices:

Costco is delaying the transition from AMEX to Visa.  I’m happy I can squeeze out a few more months of Starpoints from my favorite retailer.

The draft bill to reform air traffic control is out.  It contains provisions to continue the ban on use of cell phones during travel (sorry, Brett.  We disagree on this) and force airlines to refund baggage fees if they don’t deliver your suitcase within 24 hours.  That one just seems plain obvious.  The one thing missing?  The actual plan to reform air traffic control.

Hyundai won the Super Bowl Ad Meter competition with a spot about a scheming dad that breaks up his daughter’s first date.  You can watch all the ads through that link and judge for yourself.  I think the Baldwin Amazon Echo commercial probably should have scored higher than it did, but the true winner was the announcement of a new Jason Bourne movie with Matt Damon.  Here’s a fellow blogger’s ranking of his favorites.  We mostly disagree (that Avocado commercial was horrible, but Audi was pretty good), but it was fun discussing these while the game was happening last night.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, Turkish Airlines announced service to Gotham and Metropolis during the game.

Earn Avios or cash back by signing up for a Zipcar membership.


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