5 “Mom” Things To Do While Traveling

As a busy mom, we all have responsibility at home wearing many hats.  Finding downtime to enjoy small luxuries doesn’t come easy.  Which is why traveling is so appealing, especially before you even reach your destination.  I look forward to that travel time to get caught up on “me” time.

The moment my seatbelt clicks and the kids are occupied with their gadgets and movies I immediately pull out my comfort items and let someone else take control.

1. A knitting or crochet project.  Did you know that it’s the perfect form of mediation to reduce stress? 

5 Mom Things To Do While Traveling

Cat Showing Up Her New Purse Courtesy Of Mom On An Airplane

5 Mom Things To Do While Traveling

Charlie’s Santa Cap, Knitted With Love By Mom

2. A book, usually something fiction that I can get lost in.

3. Get caught up on magazines (Pilates Style for me) 

4. Downloads of my favorite shows.  Ed and I are never caught up on TV.

5. SLEEP!  A luxury no mom sees enough of, especially when my husband is traveling the world.

5 Mom Things To Do While Traveling

What do you do to relax during travel?

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  1. I take a million pics, and use down time to delete duplicates, edit the keepers in Picasa, and put them in folders to upload to Shutterfly.

    1. Thanks, Raleighgrl!. I forgot how how often I have pulled out my phone during long flights and have done pretty much the same thing. Are you paying for Picasa/shuttefrly, or are you finding a way to use them for free?

  2. I knit or crochet … its my way of dealing with chronic pain. Always have several projects going at one time. So I can match my project to my mood. Lately I’ve been working on a cowl made with merino wool and cashmere. Always have a sock on needles in a small project bag. Rarely knit with anything heavier than worsted weight. Prefer lace or fingering weight.

    1. Wendy, A fellow knitter! The cowl sounds beautiful and I like the lighter weight yarns too. My favorite yarn is Quince & Co. Sparrow. A beautiful linen that makes wonderful springtime scarves and great market bags.

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