Cheap Flights To Hawaii and Alaska And Lots Of Award Space To South America

Happy to be home after a week on the road.  Yesterday was a day of skiing with the kids and today will be a quiet day leading up to the Super Bowl (rooting for Peyton Manning to get one more ring if anyone’s curious).  Here’s what I’m reading about today:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Virgin America has 2-for-1 tickets to Hawaii.  The deal expires today.  $400 summer flights to Alaska as well!

Be wary of the new redemption option for Citi Thank You points.

Huh. Aircraft changes count as schedule changes. I didn’t know that.  That’s relevant in case you need a free reason to change a flight.

United Airlines is adding 3-cabin service between New York (well, Newark) and LAX/SFO as well as the same from Washington-Dulles.  That’s good for me to see more premium seats out of my home market to the West coast, but it doesn’t seem like enough frequencies to make a huge difference.

50 free Starpoints!  It may not sound like much, but sources for Starpoints other than stays and the SPG AMEX are pretty much zilch.

American Airlines is building 5 new gates at Chicago O’Hare.  If you figure at least 10 new flights per gate (Southwest recently said they can average 18 per gate at Love Field but they’re pretty darn good at utilization) that’s a bunch of new flights out of ORD.  Some gates may be over capacity now, so maybe it’s not quite as many flights as we think.  But, I’ll be interested to see if that means more frequencies to existing routes or new cities.  And, since they’re likely gates for regional jets, I really hope they bring back service to my home airport of Washington-Dulles.  This would massively improve the connections I can make on American.

Lots of award availability on American to South America in business class.

$1100 round-trip business class tickets to London.

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