500 Bonus Points (Stackable) On Hyatt Stays

Hyatt is offering a bonus for booking reservations through the Hyatt app or their mobile website.  You can score 500 bonus points for every new reservation you book and complete until September 30, 2015.

I saw this on Mommy Points right before I had a handful of Hyatt reservations to book, and now I’m looking forward to an extra couple thousand points!

You can earn the bonus multiple times but only for one room per reservation and only on eligible rates (which is generally any paid rate you can book on the Hyatt website).

This is stackable with both the current summer promotion and the Las Vegas promotion.

These are the types of opportunities that I refer to as “low hanging fruit”.  It’s easy to use the Hyatt app to book a reservation for lots of different rate types, and it’s a chance to squeeze in an extra few points.  500 points isn’t going to get you a free stay, but take every opportunity you can to pad your points balance!

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