United Puts Hawaii On Sale In A Big Way

It seems like every fall for the past few years there have been some pretty great prices to both Hawaii and Alaska.  Well, it looks like cheap Hawaii flights are a reality again for people looking to visit this fall.  The Flight Deal has all the details  United has some cities on sale and I wouldn’t be surprised if American or Delta follows.  Here’s what’s on sale so far:

Dallas, Phoenix & Salt Lake City to Honolulu for $395!!!  This looks purely to be United picking on their rivals, American and Delta, since these are their hubs.  $395 is the lowest price I can recall for flights to Hawaii in quite some time.

Chicago to Honolulu for $455.  The routing isn’t quite as good here, and United shares a hub with American in Chicago.

Washington DC (IAD) to Honolulu for $531.  This one puzzles me a bit since it’s not an American or Delta hub.  But, I’m happy my home airport is finally included in a sale even if the prices aren’t rock bottom.

Is the unofficial annual Alaska sale coming next?


  1. And yet all people do is complain about fares, service, and airline “oligopoly”. This is a case where competition is alive and well. The average person can spend 10 minutes of their life and sign up for airfare watchdog, follow The Flight Deal on Twitter, and register their email with their preferred airline they can find good deals/decent fares. The problem is, for most people it’s far easier to whine about what they think is bad rather than be proactive and at least TRY to DO something about it.

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