Hyatt’s Summer Promotion Is Out

No formal rollout yet, but one member of Milepoint is reporting that they received a link to the summer 2015 promotion, Sweet Dreams….Sweet Rewards.

Your next getaway is closer than you think. You can earn 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport® bonus points after your first 15 eligible nights and thousands more for every additional five nights you stay with us, up to 25, from June 1 through September 30, 2015.

See how the points add up:

StayEarnTotal Points Earned
15 Nights + 30,000 Points = 30,000
20 Nights + 15,000 Points = 45,000
25 Nights + 20,000 Points = 65,000

Stay 25 eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel worldwide to earn 65,000 bonus points! The more you stay, the more you earn, and the closer you’ll be to your dream vacation.

This is an exact replica of the promotion I received for the first quarter of 2015.

It’s not very imaginative, and it’s also not likely to be the only version of this promo.  There’s already one note in the thread about someone being offered 20,000 points for staying 10 nights.  And, it looks like my wife got a promo to earn 3,000 points for one stay (she doesn’t use her Hyatt account since I’m the one with Diamond status in the family).

My guess is that Hyatt is again gauging how much business you bring to them and giving you a “stretch” goal to achieve some points.

I can’t tell if the repeat promo means Hyatt’s bookings look strong this summer or they felt this was good enough given the competitive landscape.

But, given Starwood’s surprise promo today where you can earn up to 5 free nights at Sheraton properties, you may be better off there if you can stay at Sheraton properties this summer.  If you can’t stay at Sheraton properties, then I think the Hyatt offer is much better than 1,000 bonus points for a weekend stay of 2+ nights.

If I knew I was going to max out the Hyatt promo at 25 nights (assuming that’s what I get targeted for), I still think I would choose that over 25 nights in Sheraton properties. SPG would almost certainly get my business if I could stay at any SPG property and still earn up to 5 free nights.


What Hyatt promo did you receive?

Where are you putting your summer stays?

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    1. Guess I don’t see how the announcement of a hotel promo for a major hotel chain is click bait. Sorry you don’t see value in the promotion.

    2. How is this clickbait? It’s not like the title is “The best/worst/normalest Hyatt promo that I’ve ever seen!”

    1. Mark, cash & points has counted as qualifying stay in the past, but I haven’t seen anything about the T&C for this promo yet. I’d say it’s likely.

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