20% discount on iTunes, Man Strips Naked in Airport. The Best of the Rest For Thursday, May 21, 2015

Man strips naked and walks around airport in protest for his treatment by the airline.  Uh, yeah.  Thanks, Gary.

Doctor of Credit has a list of discounted gift cards on sale via eBay, including 10% off Hyatt, 15% off Sears, 20% off iTunes.

The new IHG PointBreak hotels will be released tomorrow, but Deals We Like has a small sneak peek today.  I’m not an active participant in the IHG program, but PointBreaks are very popular with their members.  They tend to sell out quickly, so be ready!

Sometimes it takes persistence to get an airline to do the right thing.  Mommy Points details her efforts to fix some award flights for her parents.  Great way to handle the situation.

MJ on Travel offers to give up his seat on a Delta flight in exchange for a travel voucher.  When the agent realizes that he can get MJ on the flight, how does MJ get rewarded?  By being given a worse seat than what he had selected.  And, a couple of drink vouchers.  It’s just me, but if they didn’t need his seat for someone else (and thus don’t give him the voucher), he got screwed not getting his original seat back.

Minimum 5,000 mile bonus from Rocketmiles if you hold an Aeroplan American Express card.

Hotel Tonight is offering a 10% discount on all bookings through Monday.

Delta announced new service between Orlando and Sao Paulo.  On a 767-300.  That’s a lot of people heading to the mouse house.  Delta does have something of a focus city in Orlando and there are a handful of international destinations and a bunch of domestic US destinations to connect to there, but they fly the same route to Atlanta as well (a whopping 400 miles away).  I’ll be surprised if they fill this on a regular basis.  As PMM notes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is seasonal.

That’s the Best of the Rest!

Where’s your next trip?

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