Sex In a Hotel Is Better Than At Home, And A List Of The Sexiest Hotels

So says a recent Jetsetter survey that I saw referenced in a couple of places yesterday.  This USA Today piece has the full list of the sexiest hotels, which we’ll get to shortly.  But, the survey has two interesting numbers to consider.  Of 3,100 people surveyed:

  • 81% said sex in a hotel is better than at home.  I figured the number would be high, but that’s pretty darn lofty.
  • 9% of people “don’t know”.  It never even occurred to me there could be two answers to this poll question, let alone THREE.

I’m left to wonder at least a little bit if there’s any crossover between the people who reported having sex in airport bathrooms at an alarmingly high percentage.

The 10% of people who said no must have:

A.  Really nice houses.


B.  Really bad taste in hotels.

Why do the experts think sex is better in a hotel?

But, what exactly makes hotel sex so much steamier? If you ask Ildiko Tabori, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, it’s a mix of having a new and potentially romantic environment with luxury you might not have at home, combined with the chance to get away from typical life stresses like kids, work and chores. He explains:

“People are much more relaxed when they are in hotels. With newness, romance and relaxation, people are more akin to engage in pleasurable activities, including sex.”

Colleen Clark, Managing Editor of SmarterTravel, adds that checking into a hotel feels akin to trying on a new identity, which can make you more apt to swap the typical missionary for something a little more 50 Shades of Grey.

Sex In A Hotel

The question itself, of course, is a bit of a loaded one.  Most people aren’t going to say they are the same, and I’d imagine most people have fond memories of a honeymoon or other romantic evening somewhere in the world.  But, it’s still a bit fun to see the numbers.

The list of sexiest hotels:

  • Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia
  • Secret Bay, Dominica
  • 1 Hotel South Beach
  • Gramercy Park Hotel, NY
  • SLS Las Vegas
  • Shangri-La Paris
  • Sextinio Le Grotte, Tuscany
  • Drake Hotel, Toronto
  • Alila Villas, Uluwatu, Bali
  • Auberge Du Soleil, Napa
  • Adronis Luxury Suites, Greece
  • Calistoga Ranch, Napa
  • Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora
  • Ventana Inn, Big Sur
  • Standard Downtown, LA
  • 60 Beverly Hills, LA
  • Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico
  • Standard High Line
  • Melia Zanzibar Hotel, Tanzania
  • Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, South Africa
  • Riad au 20 Jasmins, Morocco

I’m familiar with most of these (though haven’t stayed in any) and would agree many are romantic.  If the SLS Las Vegas is on your list, you better hurry.  They recently got a reprieve from creditors, but I expect it will be brief.

The Daily Mail has some pictures and descriptions of the top-ranked hotels on the sexy scale.  Jade Mountain and Adronis look the best from the pics, IMO.

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  1. Sex is not better in a hotel – just ask the pimp recently found dead under the bed in that Hilton Garden Inn on West 35th Street in Manhattan!

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