How Do Online Shopping Portals Work? United Gets Confirmation on SFO-HND, Andaz Tokyo Taking Reservations. Things I Find Interesting On Tuesday, March 4th, 2013

I’m a bit of a geek for miles and points, so most normal folks might not find this article about how those airline shopping portals work all that interesting.  But I did.  I’m sure that says more about me than it does about you.

United Airlines got tentative approval on their route between San Francisco and Tokyo’s Haneda airport.  Haneda is a desirable airport to schedule flights to as it’s closer to downtown and has a lot of connecting traffic in the region.  American recently announced it was discontinuing service there from JFK, which is a downer for me as an American Airlines flier.

The Andaz Tokyo is now taking reservations.  I’m still a big fan of the Park Hyatt myself, but the Andaz does look pretty slick.

US citizens no longer have to pay to acquire a visa to enter Chile.  I haven’t been to Chile but it’s on my list  At $160 a head, paying over $600 just for my family to have the privilege of entering the country doesn’t sound like fun, even if the visa is good for 10 years.  I can’t imagine there are many folks that make their decision on whether to travel to Chile on the visa fee, but it’s a nice plus.

A bit of a formality, but both the US Airways and American Airlines flight attendants have agreed to be represented by the same union.  Given all the labor unrest at US Airways over the last 5+ years, any semblance of the combined employee base getting along is a good thing.

As a side note, on Friday I helped a good friend transfer some of her Ultimate Rewards points to her United account so she could get 3 round-trip tickets to Tokyo instead of paying over $6,000 in airfare to take her kids on a vacation.  It took us a grand total of about an hour.  That’s definitely very quick and I wouldn’t expect everyone to be able to do so on their first try.  But, it’s just another small piece of proof to me that there’s still plenty of ways to find great uses for miles and points to help you bring the world closer to you.

What’s interesting in your travel world today?

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  1. Since you asked… I’m flying Delta upfront JFK/LAS (thank you $60 R/T fare) for the first time in 10 years. My last flight was on Song. I’m crediting the miles to my Alaska account.

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