Where Is American Airlines Placing Its New Regional Jets? Republic Says Not With Them

Confusion About American Eagle’s Future?

It wasn’t long ago that American Eagle pilots rejected a new contract from management that would have seen more concessions but likely more jobs.  American had agreed to purchase 60 larger Embraer E175 jets.  They had offered to place them with American Eagle in exchange for the contract concessions.  That wasn’t meant to be, and it was speculated that the jets would end up going to Republic Airways, based on the fact that American had been growing the relationship with them.

That doesn’t look like it’s happening.

According to Terry Maxon of the Dallas Morning News (a great source for American Airlines info) Republic CEO Brian Bedford is quoted as saying:

“The easiest way to answer that question is with the truth. We’re not having any conversations with American about additional growth,” Bedford said.

“We have talked very publicly about our own staffing challenges. Our focus is on fulfilling our current obligations we currently have. We have significant growth on the books through first quarter of 2015. That’s really what our focus is on. I don’t have any insights to share with you about what American’s plans are for its allocation of its large jets,” Bedford said.

The jets are obviously going somewhere.  It doesn’t seem to be American Eagle.  And at least for now, it doesn’t seem to be Republic.  I’m guessing this may give the American Eagle pilots some more leverage, as it’s more likely American ends up placing them with Eagle.

To be continued….

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