Quick Hyatt Clarification On My Elite Rates

I’m already enjoying some of Hyatt’s new benefits that they rolled out this year.  I wrote about the My Elite Rate last week and subsequently save myself almost $100 on a reservation this week.

The question arose from reader TTF about whether you could search rates like AAA and the My Elite Rate at the same time.  I had the same question when I first searched and reached out to Hyatt to clarify.

They confirmed that you need to be logged in as an elite member and cannot have any special rates selected to see the My Elite Rate. Here’s a snapshot of the special rate pop-up box:


To be sure you have no special rates plugged in you need to click the “Special Rates” toggle right below date selection once you’ve searched for a city and date pair.  You’l see the different options pop up.  Make sure you have “None” selected and if that property has a My Elite Rate available (most will but some won’t) it will then display once you click “Find Hotels”.  You’ll need to click on the “Check Rates” for each specific property to see the My Elite Rate if more than one property arises from your search results.

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  1. Thank you very much! I was wondering why it never showed up even when I was logged in. It’s a bit annoying I have to run two searches now, with and without my Costco/AAA discount codes.

    1. Scottrick, I agree. I wish they hadn’t built it that way. But, for all the things I think Hyatt does well, I think we can both agree their IT is not necessarily at the top of the list. Improving, for sure. But not what I would consider a strength.

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