500 Bonus Miles After Spending $50 In AAdvantage or United Dining Program

The days are long past where I used to focus on the airline mileage dining programs.  They used to be quite lucrative but the payouts have become diluted over the years.  They also don’t generally fit my travel patterns.  That being said, they still work great for some folks.  And, they occasionally have reasonable offers, like the one both American Airlines and United are pimping right now.

American Airlines 500 mile offer:

United Dining Program

And, United’s offer:

United Dining Program

Notice any similarities?  🙂

You don’t need to register for these offers, just spend $50 at a participating restaurant.  You do need to sign up and register your credit cards if you haven’t done that yet, which means you can stack on a 1,000 mile sign-up bonus as well if you’re not already a member.

Link to the American Airlines AAdvantage Dining program.

Link to the United Mileage Plus Dining program.

500 bonus miles is a nice bonus if there’s already somewhere on the list of restaurants you were thinking of visiting.  1,500 miles (if you’re a new registrant) is a healthy bonus for $50 in spend you might have already been considering.

There aren’t enough really good restaurants that are part of the program to justify chasing the VIP levels they advertise.  But, occasional opportunities like this beat a sharp stick in the eye.

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  1. Agreed that they’re not always worth pursuing, but on the other hand I’m always delighted when I get that rare email telling me about the bonus miles I earned without trying by stumbling across one!

    1. Stephen, that’s one of those “hidden treasures of travel” I enjoy! I remember eating at Stage Deli in NYC before it closed recently. I had always enjoyed eating there when I returned home. I was pleasantly surprised when miles posted to my account!

      1. My last one was on a 3-day stopover in Dallas to visit friends on my way out of the country. Some random bar downtown that wasn’t even that great, but when the next morning when I woke up and checked my email I liked the bar a lot more in retrospect!

  2. I tried to stack these and was bummed to get an email from the Rewards Network telling me that I can only register a particular card with one airline’s program. Would have been awesome to get points in each program for each restaurant visit.

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