Follow-Up: United Premier Qualifying Dollars Post Correctly-Ish On My First Flight

I figured I would follow-up on my earlier post about United’s new Premier Qualifying Dollars after the second half of my flight posted.  In case you missed it, if you want to retain status with United for the future you’ll need to meet certain requirements, like spending a certain amount of money on your tickets or a United credit card (depending on where you live).

The first half of my flight seemed to post reasonably well.  Now that my return flight is completed, I can say that my PQDs for the flight posted reasonably close to what I expected.  For reference, you’ll likely see something like this in your e-mail confirmation from United in regards to the various fees and taxes for a ticket in the domestic US:

My First Flight


You shouldn’t expect to get PDQ credit for any fees that the airline doesn’t ultimately put in their pocket.  From the list above, only airfare should earn PQDs.  Fuel surcharges are supposed to earn PQDs but this fare didn’t have any.  Here’s how it looked after the flight posted to my account:

My First Flight


As you can see, I got 495 PQDs instead of 493 or 494 (depending on if they were rounding).  My best guess here is on a 3-segment flight they rounded up on some or all of the fares per segment to get to $495.  That’s fine with me, and I certainly don’t expect to be in a situation where I don’t spend $10K.  Rather, I’m not sure I’ll have 100,000 PQMs by the end of the year.

At any rate, not everyone is seeing as seamless a posting as I am.  Check out this thread on Milepoint if you’re having issues (or just curious how bad it is for others).


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