The Winners Of The Amazon Gift Cards Are…

Thanks to everyone who entered my Amazon gift card giveaway.  There were a ton of great tips and I’m not done responding to everyone.

The random winner of the $100 Amazon gift card was Justin, with the following comment:

My tip – always smile. Smile to flight attendants, gate agents, check-in clerks at hotels. A little niceness goes a long way!

I’m also giving away two $25 Amazon gift cards to comments I liked.  The first one is from DFWGuy:

Tip: Park in the same place/area at the airport each time. This is almost mandatory at an airport like DFW that has parking at each terminal…and you usually don’t arrive at the same terminal from which you left!

Why did I pick this tip?  Because I can’t tell you how many times I lost track of my car before I started parking in the same spot.  There are plenty of great tips in the thread, but this one struck a chord with me because of my own lack of ability to find my car!

Kudos to Andi for winning the second $25 Amazon gift card.  Andi strikes on a theme I can relate to:

Best travel tip is to not cross off everything on your to-do list when you visit a place, because that means you have a good reason to return!

Most folks think about traditional vacations that involve a week or more at a specific destination.  That’s certainly ideal.  But, what if you can only go for a couple days?  Why not?  Cross a few things off your list.  If you only take one or two vacations a year, you may not get a chance to see everything you want to see.  Take advantage of sales, mistake fares and any other opportunity to sneak away somewhere for a few days.

Keep checking items off your list!

Thanks to everyone for following along!

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  1. Wow wow wow…I’m pretty sure I won! If so, THANK YOU so much! Now I’ve got to figure out what to do with the gift card…rest assured I will be smiling when I place my order!

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