New Hyatt “My Elite Rate” Benefit Pretty Cool

You would think I’d remember that Hyatt’s new benefits kicked in today, given that I reminded everyone that yesterday was the last day to book awards on the old price table.

I’ve been trying to secure a better rate for an upcoming booking in Seattle.  The best non-prepaid rate I was able to establish at the Grand Hyatt Seattle was $192.10 a night on a AAA rate.

I went back today to see if I could score a better rate and the preview screen showed a lower rate for the Grand Hyatt.  I click on the “Check Rates” button and was reminded about the new “My Elite Rate”:

My Elite Rate


Interestingly, the AAA rate at this property dropped from $192.10 to $179 for these nights as well.  But, the My Elite rate is still $20 lower than that per night.  The My Elite rate follows the same cancellation rules at this property as AAA, 3pm local time the day before.  I don’t use words like always and never often, but I never book prepaid rates as my travel plans change frequently.  And, as a Diamond member, the few times I’ve tried to cancel a room after the cancellation time passed Hyatt has always been generous enough to waive any penalty.  So, maybe they would have helped me get my money back on a prepaid rate I had to cancel if I asked.  But, I’m much happier to have them spell it out in black and white.

This certainly is a promising start to a new benefit for Platinum and Diamond members.  I’ve heard Jeff Zidell, the Senior VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, say they want to do things to build customer loyalty.  There’s no question putting money back in my pocket while still giving me flexibility does exactly that.

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    1. TTF, it’s day one, so maybe you’re specific property doesn’t have rates loaded yet? At a bare minimum, you need to be logged in as an elite member to see the rate. If you don’t see it for a specific property you need, try searching GH Seattle for next week. I’ve seen and booked that rate.

        1. TTF, I wouldn’t say stuck on stupid. I wondered the same thing. I have a note into the Hyatt folks to ask if this is intended action.

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