Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Book Hyatt Awards At The Old Prices

January 6th is the last day you can book an award night at a Hyatt hotel before they raise the price of most redemptions.

Hyatt gave everyone notification just about 2 months ago that the new rates would go into affect on January 7th, 2014.  One of the more significant parts of the announcement was the introduction of a new top redemption category (7).  Properties moving from category 6 to 7 saw the biggest increases, at 36%.  But, it only affects a small number of properties:

Hyatt Awards


That being said, there are still increases to standard room redemptions in category 5 and 6, though more modest.  Suite increases go up at a higher percentage rate, and there are a handful of properties moving up in category.

Even if you’re not 100% sure of your travel dates, you can book something speculatively today or tomorrow and Hyatt will allow you to change the booking until February 15th with no penalty, including adding dates to the reservation.  So, there’s little downside to booking something you may have to cancel.


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