Ultimate Rewards

We Have Confirmation That Chase Is Keeping 5X On Ink Plus For Existing Cardmembers

Existing Chase Ink Plus cardmembers had reason to be concerned when Chase announced a new card with lower earnings. We now have confirmation on what they’ll do with existing Ink Plus cardmembers.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Becomes More Valuable

I carry 3 Chase cards in my wallet at all times for a reason. Ultimate Rewards is one of the best currencies out there for earning and redeeming points for award travel. Chase just quietly made Ultimate Rewards better.

Starwood Preferred Guest Adds An Airline Transfer Partner

Not really sure what happened, but I had this scheduled to post over the weekend and it never did.  Operator error?  Anyway,in case you missed the news…. Starwood Preferred Guest has a valuable loyalty program for lots of different reasons.  They have a slew of absolutely beautiful properties around the world.  Even though they’re not as large as some of their competitors they have properties where you want them.  When I talk to people about Starwood Preferred Guest to people who ask, I use the example that having 5 properties […]

Chase Ultimate Rewards Severely Limits Transfers To Other People

The Chase Ultimate Rewards cards have been among my favorites for a few years now.  The flexibility of how you can spend those points is a big part of the equation.  I recommend these cards frequently to friends and family because of the ability to transfer points in small or large quantities to many airlines and hotel companies, like United Airlines, British Airways and Hyatt Gold Passport.  The cards have also been historically flexible in allowing transfers of points to other people.  I’ve helped out close friends in the past […]

Chase Sapphire Giveth And Taketh With New Changes

As reported by View From The Wing, Chase is removing the 7% annual dividend  from the Chase Sapphire card effective immediately for new applications. At the same time, they’re changing/adding other benefits: They’re increasing the trip insurance coverage from $5,000 to $10,000. Rental car insurance is now primary instead of secondary. I never got the Chase Sapphire card for the 7% dividend.  Sure, it’s a “nice to have”.  Who would turn down free points? But, the true value of this card for me are things like double points on travel and […]

Now Is A Great Time For Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

The banks are eager to attract customers right now. The best banks with the most rewarding cards are aggressively courting new customers. And yet, lots of the folks I talk to don’t have these credit cards. They have other cards, cards that just don’t earn the sort of day-to-day value the best cards do. What makes that even more painful is that the sign-up bonuses are pretty much at all-time highs.

If At 7th You Don’t Succeed…..

You know the saying.  If at first you don’t succeed….. That truly is the motto for approvals with Chase for credit cards.  A few months ago Chase rolled out increased sign-up bonuses for the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards.  I decided at that point I should take my own advice and apply for one of the cards that I didn’t have because the sign-up bonuses are so good. I applied online for an Ink Plus card and got the message that my application was under consideration.  No biggie. […]

It’s A Great Time To Apply For Some Of My Favorite Credit Cards: Ink Bold & Ink Plus

Credit cards (and the accompanying sign-up bonuses) have become a big part of most effective strategies for earning points and miles.  Just a few days ago I was discussing a great way to pick the low hanging fruit by buying gift cards from office supply stores using your Ink Bold card. And, just like that, Chase made it more lucrative to grab a couple of these cards (but only for this week).  I don’t earn any commission off of these links, just promoting the best offer I can recall for […]