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If At 7th You Don’t Succeed…..

You know the saying.  If at first you don’t succeed….. That truly is the motto for approvals with Chase for credit cards.  A few months ago Chase rolled out increased sign-up bonuses for the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards.  I decided at that point I should take my own advice and apply for one of the cards that I didn’t have because the sign-up bonuses are so good. I applied online for an Ink Plus card and got the message that my application was under consideration.  No biggie. […]

It’s A Great Time To Apply For Some Of My Favorite Credit Cards: Ink Bold & Ink Plus

Credit cards (and the accompanying sign-up bonuses) have become a big part of most effective strategies for earning points and miles.  Just a few days ago I was discussing a great way to pick the low hanging fruit by buying gift cards from office supply stores using your Ink Bold card. And, just like that, Chase made it more lucrative to grab a couple of these cards (but only for this week).  I don’t earn any commission off of these links, just promoting the best offer I can recall for […]

A Nifty New Chase Sapphire Benefit: First Friday

Courtesy of View From The Wing, Chase Sapphire has announced a nifty new benefit.  On the first Friday of each month all dining charges earn 3 points per dollar instead of the normal 2. While there are periodic promos for more miles/points when you dine, they’re generally targeted to specific restaurants, such as through the dining programs the airlines offer.  2 points per dollar can be found elsewhere, such as the Hyatt Visa. 3 points per dollar is especially valuable here since Chase Sapphire is such a solid card, earning […]

News And Notes For Thursday, March 14th 2013

Here’s what’s going on in the world of travel on a Thursday in March: View From The Wing details 2 50,000 point sign-up offers that may be of interest to readers, the Virgin Atlantic American Express and the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card.  I’m not a collector of either of these currencies, but there are good reasons to get both.  American Express Membership Rewards points are definitely flexible and hold reasonable value for many travelers.  Virgin Atlantic is a bit more fringe based on the fact that they’re not […]

What Credit Card Should I Use For Hyatt Stays During Their Summer Promo?

FROM THE COMMENTS BELOW, Gary brings up the point that I don’t actually have to use a Hyatt Visa to get the 20% bonus, which changes a bunch of the math.  After reviewing the T&C, it doesn’t actually state any requirement to pay with the Hyatt Visa card.  In fact, the regular T&C don’t even mention the Hyatt Visa at all.  Under a separate T&C specifically just for credit card holders, the issue is addressed as follows: HYATT CREDIT CARD BONUS: During the Promotion Period, registered Hyatt Gold Passport members […]

A Quick Update On Office Depot Gift Cards

Just a quick update to my post yesterday about variable amount gift cards disappearing from Office Depot. I stopped by my local Office Depot again this morning and all the same cards I purchased were still being displayed. It didn’t appear they’d updated the full planagram for the gift card display as the AMEX product I wasn’t allowed to buy yesterday still showed a few empty slots. But, there were some new items filled in, so there’s still a chance some of the variable cards are hanging around. There are […]