It’s A Great Time To Apply For Some Of My Favorite Credit Cards: Ink Bold & Ink Plus

Credit cards (and the accompanying sign-up bonuses) have become a big part of most effective strategies for earning points and miles.  Just a few days ago I was discussing a great way to pick the low hanging fruit by buying gift cards from office supply stores using your Ink Bold card.

And, just like that, Chase made it more lucrative to grab a couple of these cards (but only for this week).  I don’t earn any commission off of these links, just promoting the best offer I can recall for these great cards.  First, a link to the offers:

Ink Bold & Ink Plus 60,000 point offers

Then, some bullet points on why you want these cards:

  •  Flexibility:  These cards earn Ultimate Rewards points which can be transferred on a 1:1 basis to a bunch of top programs including United Airlines, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Hyatt, Marriott and Priority Club.
  • Bonus Points:  2 points per dollar on all hotel and gas station purchases.  5 points per dollar on all office supply purchases, cell phone bills, internet, cable and phone bills.
  • No foreign exchange fee.
  • And, obviously the 60,000 bonus points when you spend at least $5,000 in the first 3 months you have the card.

Those 60,000 points are good for 2 round-trip tickets on United in coach anywhere in the US or a roundtrip coach ticket to Europe.

Applying for one of these cards and earning the sign-up bonus is the equivalent of a whole lot of flying for a living.  These miles spend just the same as the ones I earn every time I hop on an airplane.

Do yourself a favor and add these to your wallet now.  The credit card companies are very liberal on what defines a business.  Your social security number serves just fine as a tax ID and you don’t have to own a huge business to qualify.  Even someone with a full-time job can qualify if you have a small side job.


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