Practice What You Preach!

I realized last night that even though I talk about how great the Ink and Sapphire family of cards are from Chase, I had a glaring hole in my own wallet.  And, what a great time to realize this issue, since the Ink cards have a special of a 60,000 point sign-up bonus right now.

I don’t have an Ink Plus card.  I’ve had an Ink Bold for quite some time, but I somehow overlooked the Ink Plus card.  And, I have a business that could use another card, so I applied.  I’ve never actually been approved for a Chase card on the first pass, but the reconsideration line has always worked out just fine for me.  Million Mile Secrets has a great write-up on how to deal with the reconsideration line.

The process went pretty much as detailed in his post and fairly similar to previous calls.  I was honest about all the information associated with my personal income and the business I was planning to use the card for.  The process took a total of about 20 minutes and I was put on hold the standard two times.  After the second hold, I was told by the agent that I had been approved!

Can’t wait to hit my minimum spend and earn those 60,000 bonus points!

I don’t earn any commission off the links I provide for the Chase cards.  They’re just some of the best value cards out there right now.

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